About the Tests

Connecticut Teacher Certification Examinations (CTCE)

The Connecticut Teacher Certification Examinations (CTCE) program includes the Foundations of Reading test, the Early Childhood test, and the Reading Specialist test. Information on testing requirements may be obtained from the Connecticut State Department of Education's website Link opens in a new window..

All tests included in the program are criterion referenced; that is, they are designed to measure a candidate's knowledge in relation to an established standard of competence (criterion) rather than in relation to the performance of other candidates. Each CTCE test is also objective-based; that is, it is based on content stated in a set of test objectives for the test field. The purpose of the tests is to help identify those candidates who have the appropriate level of knowledge judged to be important for educators in Connecticut public schools.

Description of the Tests

The tests in the CTCE program assess a candidate's proficiency in and depth of understanding of the subject being assessed by measuring areas of knowledge called subareas. Within each subarea, statements of important knowledge, called objectives, define the content of the test.

The tests are each made up of 100 multiple-choice and 2 open-response (i.e., essay) items distributed across the test's subareas (see section 3 of the test's preparation guide, available on the program website, for details about how items are distributed across subareas). Each multiple-choice item assesses knowledge or skills related to one of the test's subareas, while the open-response items provide examinees with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and understanding of content related to two or more of these subareas. Responses to the open-response items are expected to be appropriate and accurate in the application of subject-matter knowledge, to provide high-quality and relevant supporting evidence, and to demonstrate a soundness of argument and understanding of the field.

Foundations of Reading Test for Connecticut

The Foundations of Reading test for Connecticut assesses proficiency in and depth of understanding of the subject of reading and writing development. The test reflects scientifically based reading research.

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