Preparation Materials

Links to PDF documents containing preparation materials for the Connecticut Teacher Certification Examinations are provided below.

Test Objectives

The first step in preparing to take the test is to identify what information the test will address by reviewing the test objectives. The test objectives are the core of the testing program and a helpful study tool.

Practice Test

The practice test is a full-length sample test that also includes an answer key worksheet, sample responses, and other evaluation information. The practice test is designed to help candidates become familiar with the structure and content of the test and identify areas in which to focus their studies. It now also includes analyses for the multiple-choice questions, providing both the correct answer for each question and an explanation for why other responses are incorrect, as an additional aid to help examinees prepare for the test.

Preparation Guide

The preparation guide contains suggestions for preparing for the test as well as sample multiple-choice and open-response items.

Test Preparation Video

A test preparation video is now available for the test. The video provides a general overview of test preparation and test-taking strategies and is designed to help examinees prepare for the tests by describing how to use the program study resources provided on the program website.